2023.9.18 - 9.25
Weekly Ranking

  1. Rafting, Climbing, Hiking Asahikawa city, Kamikawa town, Higashikawa town, Kamishihoro town, Shikaoi town
    Private: Around Daisetsuzan | 6 Day Hiking Tour
  2. Climbing, Cultural experiences, Nature walk, Hiking Kushiro city, Ashoro town, Teshikaga town
    Volcano Hiking in Akan-Mashu National Park | 5-day tour in Eastern Hokkaido
  3. Nature walk, Kayaking, Cycling Abashiri city, Shari town, Kiyosato town, Koshimizu town
    5-Day Cycling Tour to “the End of the Earth” Shiretoko
  4. Cycling Otaru city, Noboribetsu city, Niseko town, Kyogoku town, Kutchan town, Yoichi town, Akaigawa village, Sobetsu town, Toyako town
    Private: Lake Toya to the Sea of Japan | 5 Day Cycling Tour
  5. Cultural experiences, Nature walk Shimokawa town, Takinoue town, Nishiokoppe village
    The Northern Hokkaido Sustainability Experience: Forests, Farming, & Cultural Interaction


Traveling to Hokkaido

The northernmost of Japan’s four main islands, renowned for volcanoes, natural hot springs and ski resorts.

Traveling to Japan

Travel to Hokkaido from within Japan

Travel within Hokkaido


Meet friendly locals and get to know the local culture in Hokkaido’s beautiful country towns.

Current recommendations


Just 30 minutes by car from Sapporo


Experience Ainu culture


The town richly colored by the seasons


Port town of fruit and wine


Experience Ainu culture


The original scenery of Japan

Visited Hokkaido before? Here are some hidden gems for your next visit!


One of Hokkaido’s most secluded towns


See young and returning salmon

Ganwu Area

Kamoenai, Tomari, Kyowa, Iwanai


“Hill town” colored by farmer’s activities


See young and returning salmon

Ganwu Area

Kamoenai, Tomari, Kyowa, Iwanai

Hokkaido Culture Column

the AINU

The beautiful culture of Hokkaido’s indigenous people


Inside the world of Japanese sake
The evolution of a process using water and specially bred Hokkaido rice


The Shiretoko-Nemuro area, lies in the easternmost reaches of Hokkaido
Wildlife and humans, nature, land and sea in harmonious coexistence

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