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Hokkaido Treasure Island Travel

This website is operated by Hokkaido Treasure Island Travel Inc. (Hokkaido Prefecture travel agent license number 2-597).

Creating new value by sharing the treasures of Hokkaido

Hokkaido offers a wealth of opportunities for adventure and cultural experiences. At Hokkaido Treasure Island Travel, we work together with local people from different areas to showcase the wonders of the island, developing travel destinations through originality and creativity.
We actively work to create travel experiences like no other.

Message from our CEO

Building a business worthy of the world’s greatest travel destination

Our mission is to work together to realize the true potential of Hokkaido and showcase the island on the world stage by revitalizing regional tourism. We believe that Hokkaido is the greatest destination in the world, and as such, we strive to be the best travel company in the world. In everything we do, we look to ensure the prosperity of the friends and partners who collaborate with us.

Koichiro Suzuki
CEO, Hokkaido Treasure Island Travel Inc.

Koichiro Suzuki was born in Kitakyushu City in 1965 and raised in Nishinomiya City in Hyogo Prefecture. He joined Recruit Co., Ltd. following graduation from Tohoku University Sendai. Over the course of his career he worked in various areas of Japan, gradually moving north until he finally fulfilled his dream of living in the beautiful countryside of Hokkaido. In 2007, he launched, a portal site where tourists can find and book activities that enable them to truly experience the wonders of his beloved Hokkaido. He has a wide range of contacts in the fields of agriculture and tourism, and is working to promote Hokkaido’s food, agriculture and tourism industries. He is also currently working as a lecturer and coordinator.


Sustainability Action Plan

At Hokkaido Treasure Island Travel Inc, we believe that everyone must do their part to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and that working toward these goals is part of our social responsibility to create a sustainable global society. We promote partnerships between stakeholders such as customers, the government, local government bodies, partner companies, NGOs and NPOs and support sustainable tourism development together with communities in Hokkaido. We help to develop new travel experiences and services though originality and creative thinking. Our mission is to work together to realize the true potential of Hokkaido. We strive to develop travel destinations in a way that contributes to the building of a more sustainable society, promoting tourism that makes the most of what Hokkaido has to offer and following diverse hiring policies in all aspects of our work.

Working Environment

We promote the creation of a diverse community in which every worker feels rewarded.

As a company, we have taken steps to create a healthy working environment where all perspectives are valued regardless of gender or nationality, and where everyone is given autonomy in their daily work.
We believe that actively promoting diversity in our recruitment and training practices leads to innovation, because an organization that embraces a range of cultures and values is one that can look at things from many different angles. Our methodology allows each person to adopt a working style that meets their needs. We promote gender equality in management, provide support for employees balancing work with childcare and encourage the use of flexible and remote working when needed.

Tourism Development in Hokkaido

We support the creation of new tourism resources that respect the environment, nature, culture and industries of local communities.

In cooperation with local governments and partner companies based in Hokkaido, we continue to support efforts to increase visitor numbers while creating tourism destinations that reduce the strain on the environment. This tourism development provides an opportunity to revitalize local communities, and, in doing so, preserve the history, nature, culture and key industries that have been maintained by those communities and pass these vital elements on to new generations. We strongly believe in developing tourism as a new local industry and economic resource. Tourism is a truly people-centered industry that involves local communities in their entirety. It acts as one of the foundations of a sustainable society, promoting the growth and development of local industries. We will continue to support the creation of tourism destinations that make the most of local resources in Hokkaido.

Sustainable Travel

We are pioneers of sustainable tourism, and the principles of sustainability have informed every step in the development of our services.

As a company that adds a new vitality to the travel sector and encourages tourists from all over the world to visit Hokkaido, we believe that we have an important role to play in society: promoting mutual understanding that transcends nationality, race, language and culture. Travel is an enriching activity that enhances well-being by bringing cultures and communities together. In addition to our own sustainability efforts, we promote the development of sustainable environments and services in the tourism industry through a network of partnerships to ensure that future generations all over the world can continue to grow and develop as part of a sustainable society. We strive to change the future of travel through our business activities.

*Hokkaido Treasure Island Travel is a founding member of the Japan Alliance of Responsible Travel Agencies (JARTA), a collaborative body that brings together travel companies from all over Japan.

Rural Experiences in Hokkaido

In addition to visits to major destinations in Hokkaido, we provide opportunities to discover the unique cultures and ways of life of rural communities. We offer a range of new experiences that cannot be found with other travel agencies. Enjoying the warm hospitality of local people makes for a truly special trip.

Local Japanese cuisine: Make and enjoy local dishes

Mochi-making: An important tradition in rural Japan

Ainu culture: Experience history that has been passed down through the generations