2 days
Activity Level
Mountain climbing

Experience fly fishing and the beautiful countryside around the clear Shokotsu River

In this tour, we will spend 2 days enjoying the Japanese countryside among the seasonal colors of Takinoue. We will try fly fishing with a fly you made ourselves and take a walk with some dairy cows. Our countryside experience begins at a small mint farm in a beautiful mountain town where a clear river flows and small-scale farmers live in harmony with the wildlife. We will have a chance to relax in the countryside and learn more about a life in a rural town, Takinoue, from local people.


Takinoue town

People you’ll meet

No. EM000017 Experience fly fishing and the beautiful countryside around the clear Shokotsu River

Area Takinoue town
Length 2 days
Price From JPY 60,000
Season June - September
Group size Minimum: 4 Maximum: 20
Activity level 2*★★☆☆☆

Activities over the 2 days include 3-4km of hiking and about three hours of fly fishing in a mountain stream. Waders or a personal flotation device (PFD) are provided for fly fishing.

Activities • Hiking
• Fly fishing
• Cultural experiences
Meeting point Kaori-no-Sato Takinoue Roadside Rest Area
Access • From Asahikawa Airport: 2 hours 20 minutes by car
• From JR Asahikawa Station: 2 hours 20 minutes by bus
Price includes • 1 night accommodation meals
• All the activity fees mentioned in the itinerary
• All transport as described in the itinerary
• Snacks and refreshments
• English speaking Japanese guide(s)
Clothing • Waterproof jacket and pants
• Fleece or down jacket (even in the summer the temperature can drop below 10°C)
• Thermal layers top & bottom
• Base layers top & bottom
• Gloves, beanie, and other items to keep you warm
• Sun hat
Items to bring • Sunscreen
• Water bottle
• Sunglasses

Traveler’s Digest


Meet your guide at the Kaori-no-Sato Takinoue Roadside Rest Area. We will have a brief overview of life in Takinoue before heading to a farm that produces mint, one of the town’s specialties. We will learn about a life in a mountain town while enjoying lunch and hiking through the fields with a local farmer. After lunch, we make your own personalized fishing fly while learning about the area’s fish and river ecosystems from a local fishing guide. Finally, we will experience the dark and quiet of countryside nights as you take a night tour. We will see wild animals such as Ezo sika deer and Sakhalin foxes behaving in ways that can only be observed at night.


Start the morning fishing with the fly you made the previous day. Catching and releasing is obligatory for the protection of fish in the Shokotsu River that runs through the town, and we will feel like we are in a dialog with the fish as we enjoy fly fishing in the crystal-clear water. In the afternoon, we will head to a dairy farm, take a walk with the cows, and herd them on the pasture and return to the barn together. The unique pastoral scenery of Hokkaido will leave us with wonderful, lasting memories.