4 days
Activity Level

Enriching and Culturally Immersive 4-day tour in Lesser-Known Parts of Southern Hokkaido

This 4-day private tour is designed for you to meet local residents and get a glimpse into their everyday lives.
Oshamambe has been attracting attention as a future stop for the Hokkaido bullet train, currently scheduled to open by the end of 2030. In this tour you will not only visit Oshamambe, but also the two neighboring towns of Kuromatsunai and Toyoura. These 3 towns in Southern Hokkaido are each located at the edges of their respective sub-prefectures. They have recently partnered up to form "Hashikko (at the edge) United." Each of these towns, although not as well known as other towns in Southern Hokkaido, have their own unique geographical and cultural backgrounds, making the area as a whole intriguing to explore.
We offer fun and culturally immersive activities such as making potato chips with local potato farmers, preparing kanimeshi - crab rice - with local moms, and taking a relaxing walk in a lush forest. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to refresh yourself by savoring the local specialities, feeling the warmth of the locals, and immersing yourself in nature.


Oshamambe town, Kuromatsunai town, Toyoura town

People you’ll meet

No. EM000025 Enriching and Culturally Immersive 4-day tour in Lesser-Known Parts of Southern Hokkaido

Area Oshamambe town, Kuromatsunai town, Toyoura town
Length 4 days
Price From JPY 163,000 per person
Season April - October, 2023
Group size Minimum 2 persons / Maximum 6 persons
Activity level 1*★☆☆☆☆
Meeting point JR Oshamambe station
Price includes ・3 nights accommodation (Day 1 "Jubako" in Toyoura town/ Day 2 "Utasai Shizen no Ie" in Kuromatsunai/ Day 3 "Marukin Ryokan" in Oshamambe
・All meals for the whole trip (3 Breakfasts/ 3 Lunches/ 3 Dinners)
・Private tour guide
・Outdoor/Cultural Activities: -Guided tour of a fish auction / Scallop mini-fishing activity -Guided nature walk in a beech forest -Visit to a handmade tofu shop and tasting the tofu products -Making potato chips with a local farmer -Cooking crab rice with locals
・Private transportation by van
・Comsumption tax ※We include a Japanese insurance package for foreign travelers
Clothing N/A
Items to bring For guided beech forest walk: warm clothing, hat/cap, gloves, comfortable walking shoes (trekking shoes, sneakers with thick soles, etc.), rain gears, water bottles, etc.
Notes <Itinerary >
Day 1
1:00 pm Meet and greet at JR Oshamambe Station
2:00 pm Arrive at Toyoura Town
2:30 pm Visit Former Rebunge Middle School
★Get an overview of the three towns you will be visiting in the tour by learning about their geographical and historical backgrounds
4:00 pm Check in at accommodation
6:00 pm Dinner at Katsu Zushi
Food will mainly consist of seafood
Accommodation: [Jyubako] in Rebunge Beech Park Camping Site

Day 2
10:00 am Live fish auction at port & scallop fishing experience at the fishing port
★Fun and educational activities about Toyoura's speciality scallops
12:00 pm Lunch at namihey pizza
2:00 pm Arrive at Kuromatsunai Town
Guided walk in the beech forest
★ Explore the northernmost beech forest of Japan with a local nature guide
5:00 pm Check in to accommodation
6:00 pm Dinner at "Waga Tsuma"
vegetable-based, Japanese style dishes
Accommodation: Utasai Shizezn no Ie (Utasai Nature House)

Day 3
9:00 am Visit Tofu Place Miura to learn about their sustainable way of producing tofu without making byproducts and tasting
11:00 am Fun and delicious experience of making potato chips with a loal family at Farm Inn Tomita
2:00 pm Arrive at Oshamambe
Another fun/delicious experience of preparing crab rice with the local moms of Oshamambe
5:00 pm Check in to accommodation
6:00 pm Dinner at Char-Grill Yakitori (chicken skewers) Matchan
Experience the everyday life of the locals at this popular yakitori restaurant.
Accommodation: Ryokan Inn Marukin

Day 4
9:00 am Guided Walk in Oshamambe
Explore the railway town Oshamambe while guided by a local former railway worker, making stops at the Railway Museum and shrines.
12:00 pm Tempura lunch at Tempura Miki
1:00 pm Finish at Oshamambe Station

① Please make sure to wear a mask during the tour (except for outdoor activities, etc.)
② We ask for your cooperation to take infection prevention measures such as cough etiquette.

-Contact us with the requested dates of your travel. We will process your booking request once received and inform you of availablity.
-Make sure to be well equipped with raingear, as the tour will operate rain or shine.
-The tour may be cancelled due to severe weather conditions or other circumstances.
-Be extra cautious about avoiding risks of covid infection 2 weeks prior to your travel.

■Tour planning/operation
Hokkaido Treasure Island Travel Inc.
Travel Agent License: Hokkaido Prefecture 2-597 / ANTA (All Nippon Travel Agents Association)
9F Daito Building 8-1, Minami 2-jo Higashi 2-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido 060-0052 JAPAN
Certified Travel Services Manager: Gen Tokoi

A Certified Travel Services Manager is the person responsible for your travel transactions. Should you have any further inquiries about the travel contract, please do not hesitate to contact the aforementioned Travel Services Manager via e-mail.
This tour belongs to Hokkaido Treasure Island Travel Inc.
Please read our Terms & Conditions from the following link before you make a reservation.
Terms and Conditions

<Cancellation Policy>
The following charges will apply for cancellations made by customers:
●20 days to 8 days before...20%
● 7 days to 2 days before…30%
●One day before...40%
●On the day of the trip before the meeting time...50%
●Cancellation after the start of the tour or no-show...100%

Traveler’s Digest


Former Rebunge Middle School
Local Sushi Restaurant

After meeting your private guide for the tour, make a visit to the former Rebunge Middle School, which was closed and repurposed to display local historical items and more. You will be able to get a glimpse of the whole picture of the entire tour by looking at a handmade diorama map of the area. This should fill you in with the geographical and cultural background information for the three towns that you will be immersing youself in for the next 4 days. To finish off your day, enjoy Japanese style dishes for dinner at a local sushi restaurant.


Scallop Fishing Experience
Guided Walk in Beech Forest

The morning of Day 2 begins with an entertaining and educational tour into Toyoura Port. Your guide will take you to a live fish auction and “scallop fishing” experience. No doubt you will have a better understanding and renewed appreciation for the town’s speciality scallops. In the afternoon, you will head to your next destination of Kuromatsunai Town, where Japan’s northernmost beech forest awaits your arrival. A guided nature walk in the beech forest, preserved by the citizens of the area, with a local nature-loving guide will help you feel the intimate relationship with the forest, as well as the locals and history behind it.


Making Potato Chips at a Local Potato Farm
Cooking Crab Rice

After getting to know Kuromatsunai Town and its bond with its natural surroundings, explore and savor local food shops such as a tofu shop and a Japanese wagashi sweets shop. Some of the current residents have moved to live in Kuromatsunai in pursuit of making better quality products, which is made possible by the natural environment and the high quality water. Your last town to visit is Oshamambe, where you will be receiving a big, heartwarming welome from local moms, with whom you will try cooking the famous crab rice bento box. For dinner, enjoy the locally popular char-grilled chicken skewers. As your trip draws near the end, indulge yourself in a blissful stay at a Japanese traditional style ryokan inn and enjoy a relaxing hot spring onsen.


Visiting a mini museum “Railway Village”

On your last day, take a stroll around the railway town Oshamambe with a local guide who used to be railway worker. You will have a nice walk to visit a mini railway museum and a local shrine to conclude your 4-day stay in these three lesser-known yet enticing towns.