4 hours
Activity Level

The world’s highest standard! Heavy snowfall area Sapporo Snow removal craftsmanship tour

Sapporo is the only city in the world with a population of 2 million people that receives more than 5 meters of snow annually.
In Sapporo, if the entire city were to clear snow at once, the distance would be approximately 5,200 km in one night.
And I don't know where to remove snow. This project will grasp snow removal information and take customers to places where various snow removal vehicles are active.
The pile where snow is collected is over 20m high at its highest, and can be climbed by special vehicle. When the snow is not being plowed, you can take a look inside the snow plow. Look forward to seeing what kind of experience you can have depending on the conditions of the day!

[Tour course]
Hotel = In-transit instructional video (driver window) = Snow removal station (driver window) = Observation of snow removal work (getting off) = Visiting the snow pile (from the train) = Snowplow experience ride (getting off) = Ramen restaurant (getting off) = Hotel

[Departure time]
January: 19:30 departure / February: 11:00 departure

*Reservations can be made via the "TOUR SCHEDULE" at the bottom of the page.
*Reservations can be made up to one week in advance.


Sapporo city

No. tbt0001e The world’s highest standard! Heavy snowfall area Sapporo Snow removal craftsmanship tour

Area Sapporo city
Length 4 hours
Price From JPY400,000 [tax included]
* Price per jumbo taxi: 1 to 6 people can ride
Season From January 31 to March 8
*Only held on weekdays
Group size Minimum: 1 Maximum: 6
Activity level 0*☆☆☆☆☆
Meeting point Hotel pick up
*The hotel is located in Sapporo (within 10 minutes by car from Sapporo Station, Odori Station, and Susukino Station)
Price includes *Jumbo taxi fare
*accompanying interpreter
*rental (helmet, winter clothing) Work clothes (top and bottom)boots, gloves, safety vest)
*souvenirs (work gloves)
*Meal (ramen)
Notes [Not included in the price]
*Things not listed above as included in the travel fee

*Those who are under the influence of alcohol cannot participate.
*If you are unable to follow the instructions of the tour conductor or interpreter, your trip will be interrupted or canceled.
*Groups consisting only of minors cannot participate.
*We will use your information for tour advertisements, so please provide your nationality, name, We ask for your cooperation in exposing your face.
*Please spread the photos and videos taken by customers as much as possible. however, Please refrain from editing in a way that the viewer may think is dangerous.
*Contents will change depending on the day’s weather conditions and snowfall

[Explanation of important matters]
Travel period: 1day
Tour conductor: Accompanied
No. of meals: Includes one meal
Name of transport organisation: jumbo taxi (Sanwa Kotsu Co., Ltd.)

[Information about organized travel agencies]
Name of planned travel agency: Tobu Top Tours Co., Ltd. Sapporo Branch
Travel agency registration number: No. 38 Regular member of Japan Association of Travel Agents/Member of Pound Guarantee/Member of Travel Industry Fair Trade Council
Business address: 1-3 Minami 1-jo Higashi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido
General travel business handling manager name: Tomoya Takahashi

[About cancellation fees]
Starting from the day before the start date of the trip,
If you cancel after the 10th day - 20% of the travel fee
If you cancel after the 7th day - 30% of the travel fee
If you cancel the day before your trip - 40% of the travel fee
When canceling on the day of the start of the trip - 50% of the travel fee
After the start of the trip or in case of non-participation without notification - 100% of the travel fee