4 days
Activity Level
Boat ride

Winter Walking and Nature Watching Tour: Nemuro and Kushiro

Located in the easternmost reaches of Hokkaido, the Shiretoko-Nemuro and Kushiro areas are home to two national parks, Shiretoko National Park and Kushiroshitsugen National Park.
Get a firsthand look at the wildlife in both areas and find out how local people live in harmony with nature, protecting the environment around them as they endeavor to pass their way of life on to the next generation.
Learning more about how people coexist with the harsh conditions of nature is an excellent way to gain an insight into our own daily lives.


Nakashibetsu, Betsukai, Nemuro, Hamanaka, Kushiro

People you’ll meet

No. MCE00003 Winter Walking and Nature Watching Tour: Nemuro and Kushiro

Area Nakashibetsu, Betsukai, Nemuro, Hamanaka, Kushiro
Length 4 days
Price JPY159,000-JPY381,000 per person
Season February - March
Group size Min2,Max8
Activity level 3*★★★☆☆
Activities Snowshoeing, birdwatching, fishing-related activities
Meeting point Nakashibetsu Airport
Price includes 3 nights’ accommodation 4 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 3 dinners All transport as described in the itinerary All activities as described in the itinerary Guides
Clothing Winter hat Gloves and other warm clothing (skiwear, etc.) Scarf and other items to keep you warm Warm shoes (high-cut shoes are recommended)
Items to bring Change of clothes (items that are quick-drying and easy to layer) Backpack Water bottle Sunscreen Snacks for during activities (can be purchased during the tour) Pocket warmers

Traveler’s Digest


Ge t a panoramic view of the whole area from a hilltop in anticipation of the next day’s adventures.


Notsuke Peninsula is listed as a Wetland of International Importance under the Ramsar Convention and is the largest sand spit in Japan. In winter, the calm waters of the bay inside the peninsula freeze over, creating a pure white horizon of snow and ice. The contrast between this unbroken white horizon and the blue sky is a unique, mesmerizing sight. The pure white ice is a blank canvas that lets you play with perspective and create photos featuring incredible optical illusions.
After some with photography, we will strap on some snowshoes and head out to explore the remains of the peninsula’s iconic withered oak trees . As we walk among the desolate landscape and decaying vegetation, the sight of birds resting in the trees and hordes of deer gathering to feed on wild grass creates a striking contrast between the static and the dynamic.


In the morning, we will head to a local fishing spot on the frozen surface of Lake Furen and witness the wonder of human activity and nature coming together.
The under-ice fishing that takes place here is performed using fixed nets, a method of fishing that is seldom seen in Japan . Learn more about this rare practice as you see it in action, and watch the large birds of prey, including white-tailed eagles and Stellar’s sea eagles, swoop in to grab any leftovers after the work is done. The impressive sight of these birds flocking to feed on the fish on the ice can only be experienced during the ice fishing season.
We will spend the night at an inn run by a former fisherman, and enjoy talking to the owner about the history and conservation of the vast wetlands that surround you.


We will round off your visit to Hokkaido with a trip to a local fish market to try Kushiro’s famous kattedon. To make your own kattedon, simply purchase a bowl of rice, then select some fresh sashimi from the market’s merchants to create a unique rice bowl with all of your favorite seafood.