6 days
Activity Level
Boat ride

Summer Activity Tour around Shiretoko National Park

The Shiretoko-Nemuro area is home to the Shiretoko Peninsula, a natural World Heritage site.
With drift ice that flows down from the Amur River in Russia each winter and oceanic trenches that sink to depths exceeding 1,000m, the area is home to varied marine ecosystems that span the entire food chain, from phytoplankton to orcas.
Discover how the local people coexist with the nature around them and experience the ocean currents and impressive terrain of this magnificent region through a wide range of activities.


Rausu, Shibetsu, Betsukai, Nakashibetsu

People you’ll meet

No. MCE00002 Summer Activity Tour around Shiretoko National Park

Area Rausu, Shibetsu, Betsukai, Nakashibetsu
Length 6 days
Price JPY289,000-JPY599,000 per person
Season May - October
Group size Min2,Max8
Activity level 3*★★★☆☆
Activities Canoeing, hiking, boat ride, cultural activities
Meeting point Nakashibetsu Airport
Price includes 5 nights’ accommodation 5 breakfasts, 6 lunches, 5 dinners All transport as described in the itinerary All activities as described in the itinerary Guides
Clothing Clothing suitable for hiking Hiking shoes or boots Rain gear (jacket/trousers) Sunglasses Hat and other items to keep you warm
Items to bring Clothing suitable for hiking Hiking shoes or boots Rain gear (jacket/trousers) Sunglasses Hat and other items to keep you warm

Traveler’s Digest


Ge t a panoramic view of the whole area from a hilltop in anticipation of the next day’s adventures.


Notsuke Peninsula is listed as a Wetland of International Importance under the Ramsar Convention and is the largest sand spit in Japan. The valuable wetland ecosystem and the unique terrain attract visitors from far and wide. We will take a two-hour walking tour of the peninsula and witness the everchanging face of nature first hand, with lively waterfowl and vibrantly colorful flowers adorning the desolate landscape punctuated by withered Sakhalin fir trees . It is easy to see why this serene landscape is described reminiscent of the end of the world.
After the tranquility of the Notsuke Peninsula, the next stop is an exhibition about salmon and the vital role it plays in this region. Learning about the rich history tying people and salmon together and he ways in which the lifecycle of these fish supports the local nature and people is sure to bring new depth to your appreciation the next time this fish appears on your dinner plate.


On day three we will trace the footsteps of humans who have lived on the blessings brought by the local salmon since ancient times. The Shibetsu Po-Gawa Historical Nature Park is built on an archeological site at which evidence of human activity dating back 10,000 years has been found. Explore the area by canoe and on foot as you learn more about what brought people to this region so long ago.
After stepping back through time, the next stop is Shiretoko’s World Heritage site .


Shiretoko is also known as a marine World Heritage site, and the close connection between the maritime and land-based ecosystems is considered to be particularly impressive. We will head out in a small fishing vessel and take in the sight of animals in their natural habitat, cliffs forged by the sea and wind, and maybe even bears on the hunt for food. This is a unique opportunity to get a firsthand look at the ecosystems of the land and sea together.
After the boat ride, you will talk to people working in the local fishing industry about the role that kelp plays in supporting marine ecosystems as you prepare the seaweed together. Kelp is also crucial to Japanese culinary culture and is a key ingredient in creating the distinctive flavor of Japanese cuisine.


We will then head down from the mountains towards the spectacular Kumagoe-no-taki Falls, which take their name from the fact that a mother bear is said to have crossed the waterfall to protect her cub from humans. You can even step into the river and feel the power of the water up close.

we will head to the mountains for a walk through the wetlands to be found there. Lake Rausu is the largest lake on the Shiretoko Peninsula and is home to a mountain trail that is surrounded by nature, including precious flowers and natural scenery that transforms with the seasons. Bears are also known to appear in this area from time to time, but rest assured that your guide will be on hand for your safety at all times.


On the final day of the tour, it’s time to head back onto the water in search of whales, dolphins and orcas, who stand at the apex of Shiretoko’s marine food chain. Whales and orcas come to the sea around Rausu during the summer breeding season, and various large mammals can be found in the area’s waters until September. The boat’s expert staff will be by your side to ensure that even inexperienced whale watchers have the best possible chance of spotting these magnificent creatures.
After the tour, we will round off your visit to Shiretoko with a meal prepared using delicious seasonal ingredients.