4 days
Activity Level
Boat ride

The Seas, Flats and Wetlands of Nemuro and Kushiro: A Summer Walking and Nature Watching Tour

Located in east Hokkaido, the Nemuro-Kushiro area lies between two seas, the Sea of Okhotsk and the Pacific Ocean. The blessings brought by these two vast bodies of water come together to create the ideal conditions for a vast array of wildlife.
The region is particularly renowned for birdwatching and is home to over half of the wild bird species that can be found in the whole of Japan. This is said to be a reflection of the myriad natural landscapes condensed into a relatively small area, including coastal areas, grasslands, mud flats, and brackish water lakes such as Lake Furen, Lake Onneto and Lake Akkeshi, which have been designated as Wetlands of International Importance (Ramsar Sites).
On this tour, you will take in the sight of seabirds flying overhead and spectacular cliffs, go on a birdwatching cruise, take a tour with a guide who works in the local fishing industry, and stay at an inn run by a former fisherman.


Nemuro, Hamanaka, Akkeshi, Kushiro

People you’ll meet

No. MCE00001 The Seas, Flats and Wetlands of Nemuro and Kushiro: A Summer Walking and Nature Watching Tour

Area Nemuro, Hamanaka, Akkeshi, Kushiro
Length 4 days
Price JPY162,000-JPY370,000 per person
Season May - October
Group size Min2,Max8
Activity level 3*★★★☆☆
Activities Hiking,Boat ride
Meeting point Nakashibetsu Airport
Price includes 3 nights’ accommodation 4 breakfasts, 4 lunches, 3 dinners All transport as described in the itinerary All activities as described in the itinerary Guides
Clothing Clothing suitable for hiking Hiking shoes or boots Rain gear (jacket/trousers) Sunglasses Hat and other items to keep you warm
Items to bring Change of clothes (items that are quick-drying and easy to layer) Hiking backpack Water bottle Sunscreen Portable toilet (can be purchased during the tour) Snacks for during activities (can be purchased during the tour)

Traveler’s Digest


Relax and get ready for the adventure that lies ahead.


The day begins with a hike along a small trail in Ochiishi that was originally used for horses reared at a ranch in the area. The route takes in sights ranging from cliffsides to historical remains of Ainu hillside forts known as chashi and the former Ochiishi Wireless Station. Colonies of gorgeous violet rhododendrons can also be found along the way. This peek into the area’s nature and history is the ideal introduction to the connection between local people and nature.
Day two ends with a birdwatching cruise around Ochiishi in search of rare species of seabirds.


We will start the day with a boat ride around the Lake Furen and Lake Onneto area, accompanied by a guide who works in the local fishing industry. Get a unique insight into the nature to be found in the sea, in the lakes, on land and at the water’s edge. You will also hear about how this nature supports the way of life of local people along the way. The lake on which the boat ride takes place is called Lake Onneto, which means “large marsh” in the Ainu language. It is a treasure trove of flora and fauna, and has been designated as one of the 500 most important wetlands in Japan, together with the nearby Shunkunitai sandbank.
The next stop is Kiritappu Wetland , also known as the “Wetland of Flowers,” which is known as a sea otter habitat. You will spend the night at Pension Porch, an inn run by a former fisherman, and have the opportunity to hear about his efforts to preserve the area’s wetland.


We will head out in a fishing boat on an expedition to the uninhabited island that can be seen from the inn, together with inn’s owner. Discover the remains of a former kelp fishing hut and take in the sight of beautiful plants and flowers on the high moors as you learn about the island.
Finally, we will round off your visit to Hokkaido by tasting the area’s famous oysters.