2 hours
Activity Level

Making mochi with rice farmers

Join in making mochi, Japanese rice cakes, from glutinous rice that is grown in the Otoshibe district of Yakumo Town and prepared in a special steamer. You will pound the rice with a mallet in time to the shouts of the aidori, who folds the rice mound as you go. After the mochi are finished, you'll eat them while enjoying a leisurely conversation at the home of a local farmer.


Yakumo town

People you’ll meet

No. ED000016 Making mochi with rice farmers

Area Yakumo town
Length 2 hours
Price From JPY 12,000 *Lunch is not included.
Season All year
Group size Minimum: 2 Maximum: 8
Activity level 1*★☆☆☆☆
Activities Cultural experiences
Meeting point Chiba Farm
Access From JR Yakumo Station: 25 minutes by car
Price includes • Activity
• Local guide fee
• Mochi tasting
Clothing • Comfortable and moveable clothing(Clothing may get dirty during the activity)

Traveler’s Digest

First, you will meet mochi rice farmer Hikotaro Chiba at his home. You will then get started making mochi together with Hikotaro and his wife. You will be given Happi, a traditional Japanese coat worn during festivals, to wear while making the mochi. The festival atmosphere continues as you pound mochi in time with the energetic shouts of the aidori, who folds the rice mound as you go. Afterwards you can enjoy various flavors of warm freshly-made mochi. You will finish the experience by spending time talking with Hikotaro and his wife. By the end of the day, you will feel as if you have known each other forever.