Yasuhiro Arata (Yasu) Certified Hokkaido Outdoor Guide

Yasu is a year-round mountain guide who has been guiding hiking, trekking and winter backcountry trips in Hokkaido for more than 15 years. He lives in Furano where he was born and raised, he loves being just a stone’s throw away from the Tokachi and Daisetsuzan mountain ranges. He’s also a super dad to three children and a PTA board member, he plays an active role in local school events and also provides children and youth with innovative outdoor learning opportunities. In his early twenties, he spent time in India and Bangladesh as a Red Cross volunteer, which profoundly impacted the way he sees the world. His passion for trekking and travelling has taken him to places as far and as high as Denali and Aconcagua. One of our favourite things about Yasu is his outstanding singing and special talent for speaking with bears!